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Line art of a Cat by lrf2012
Line art of a Cat
so i decided to try paint
it went well
dont get rid of the credits please
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter One
Kiss Me and I Will Tell You

“It’s cold tonight,” Eric thought. He pulled his coat in more tightly around him with a shiver. He listened for the sound of trouble, his kind of trouble, amidst the roar of the city, the background grind of noise quietly roared in the recesses of his mind, as he strained to hear what he was in search of.
“Fuck,” Eric growled. It was two in the morning and still, there was nothing. A wry smile formed on his face. “What a God forsaken way to spend my life,” he thought with utter disdain.
His insides twisted with hunger, gnawing at his choice of lifestyle with the scent of every passing, so called innocent stranger, innocent really did not live here, the only things a city the size of New York afforded a person to cultivate easily were solitude and convenience, for those who could afford it of course. He heard their thoughts as he passed them; like little snapshots, momentary access to their lives, to their secrets and sins, some ordinary, some obscene, even to a 400 year old vampire. “How many centuries have passed since I made that decision?” He thought.  His very soul itself, sighed from the emptiness of it all, his life, if you could call it one.
He lived only for the moments that he felt complete. When the hunger depleted, he remembered the only memories that made him happy, made him feel alive. But still, in turn, those memories, as much as he loved and cherished them, had a price, a permanent brand on his heart.
The hunger gnawed, loud and painful, his veins burned painfully hot with need… then, at last it came, “the” noise, the one that told him he would feed tonight, “About fucking time,” he thought. Eric moved into high speed in the direction of the muffled screams. Without a real thought for direction, he felt his way to the dark ally in what seemed like only a heartbeat.
He stood tall, handsome and very menacing in his long black Armani leather coat and pants with a dark brown cashmere polo neck sweater finished off with handmade Italian soft black leather shoes. As Eric quickly surveyed the alley, he got the strong smell of warm live coppery blood from near the dumpster.
He swooped down on the chosen area, needing no thought or planning, as this was a well tried and tested maneuver. It almost amused him that they were never ready for it. In his mind a real predator stays aware of his surroundings, ready to defend themselves if needed. He pulled the attacker, a big burly man in ill fitting Supermarket clothing, and the stench of cheap cologne clinging to him, up by the back of his neck. Eric almost vomited from hunger as the man swung past him like a cheap door. While pinching his neck hard enough to make crying out impossible, he looked down at the victim, a slim, built, Italian woman who was scared half to death, covered in blood from the brutes attack.
Eric slowly and calmly crouched down to the victim. He still held the attacker in a vice grip, like a rag doll in a child’s hand. But managed to offer the woman a gentle hand and help her to her feet. He had to fight his impulses hard when she frantically, instinctively jumped into his arms like a frightened child.
“Too many fucking Knight in shining armor stories,” he thought. Eric considered the contradictions of her actions. “If only she knew more about me. The man whose arms, she seeks safety in.”
The smell of blood became too much. It was too long since he last quelled the hunger and Eric was having difficulty containing his own needs. “Go home,” he told the woman. “Stay the fuck off the streets at night,” he commanded, peeling her forcefully from his body. He gave her a little push of encouragement and she was then off and running. “Another scared rabbit let loose on the dangerous city streets,” he thought.
No matter, she was gone. His insides knotted instantly, a tight, painful mass of need as he watched her vanish around the corner of the alleyway and disappear into the night.
Eric walked slowly, deliberately, up towards the back of the alley. In a manner that could almost be mistaken for gentle, he looked at his prey and sighed. “I hear your thoughts. Do you know that? You had potential once, but you chose this instead, “WORTHLESS,” Eric spat quietly.
The back of the attacker, met the alley’s wall forcefully, all too soon. Eric pressed in tightly against the man. He covered his body with his own, Eric’s grip unrelenting. He allowed only enough blood flow to keep his prey conscious.
Eric pushed his prey to its knees and only then released his grip somewhat, so that the man was able to look up at his captor. Eric looked down, deep into his eyes and whispered, “I can kill you much faster than you can hurt me, do you understand?”
His prey nodded in acknowledgement.
“You obviously wanted sex tonight, that’s why you captured someone helpless, right? No one would willingly fuck such a worthless piece of shit. So, you steal it. Well, maybe I am your guardian angel bitch boy because if its sex you wanted, then sex you shall have.” Eric said this as he slid his hard member into his prey’s mouth and commanded him to suck.
After all these many years, Eric came to understand, it was not attraction that made him hard at these times, it was need, a deep, painful need of things that no longer existed.
As soon as he came, the sadness repossessed his soul and the hunger screamed from within him. He held still as he came, drowning in emotions, he wished to forget but never could. All the while, the hunger screamed at him, pulling him on like a spoiled demanding child.
Pulling him up to eye level, Eric leaned in close to him and whispered, “I am your Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Do you understand?”
The man nodded his head, not really understanding how his normally perfect plan of finding them, beat them, rape them and run, had gone so very wrong. Instead of a night filled with the rush from the screams and struggles while he brutally beat and raped his victims until they bored him, he was now at the mercy of someone, A stranger who forced him into sucking his cock, he was now, truly afraid.
Eric moved his head in close, pushing his nose close to the man’s neck and took a deep breath. He savored the beast that would soon make this world a better place, by leaving it.
With that thought, Eric sunk his teeth into the man’s neck in a well-practiced move hitting the Jugular directly. As soon as he felt the warm, thick blood, fill his mouth and slide greedily down his throat, as though it willed itself into him, his hunger pains went to sleep.
Before long, the heartbeat became very slow, with a low, soft, melodic beat, the vampire’s lullaby. Eric released his hold and let it slide to the ground in a used up heap.
Eric slumped down beside the very soon to be brand new corpse. He drowned blissfully in his delicious red world, where he became new and whole once more. In a place where pain did not exist, a place far from this cold, uncaring, lonely one and he dreamed the dream of the Vampire.
He awoke from his healing sleep feeling energized. Eric stretched languidly, allowing himself the beautiful, loving caress of a fresh feeding. It felt almost like a minuet, an electric current washing though his entire being. It was healing him, feeding him, nurturing him. He then crouched down in front of the body, pulling the head up by the hair.  He ripped out the throat of the corpse to hide any telltale Vampire marks, and left the scene via a fire escape ladder which gave him easy access to the rooftops, where he could move quickly and freely where little of the stench of humanity suffering city life could not reach him.
Forty minutes later, Eric was home in his exclusive penthouse apartment. He sprawled out, across the luxurious soft Italian leather couch. He had a very large glass of JD, aiding him as he considered his life. And what a long life it had been. The warmth still glowed inside him from the feeding. How sad he felt as he considered that the people were forced to live in the cities, they reminded him of the pigs his estates had once kept when that creepy strange little man whose name now escaped him was head gamekeeper, lazy son of a bitch kept the pigs penned so he did not have to work so hard. The day Eric had discovered this he was riding around his estates taking stock. To this day the sight of those pigs walking desperately back and forth, back and forth across that small enclosure like insane beasts bothered him, more so now that the people of the city seemed to act the same way, like mindless soulless enslaved beasts with no way out other than insanity.
He stood up and went over to his computer to check his investments and pay his bills. He really loved this age of electronics. It was a new lease on life for him.  He could live a life he never before dreamed of having, finally, he could be alone. He no longer had to keep runners to purchase, collect, or pay things for him.
Eric had always felt crowded by the young men he kept as runners to do the daytime things he could not and in return Eric gave them somewhere safe to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear, occasionally he would take one to bed. They were the cast out, displaced ones with no home and no hope, he gave them that each time he chose a runner, insisting on their education which he paid for and once out of college, they were able to fend for themselves as valuable members of society. But Eric needed solitude; this wonderful electronic age afforded him that. He was able to pay his own bills, order his clothes, furniture, and indeed make money. He could pretty much do as he pleased over the phone and the internet. He smiled as he thought of the true ingenuity of the telephone, the internet, and plastic! “God bless plastic,” he sighed out loud with a cozy smile.
“Jason would have loved this world with all of its modern wonders,” he thought sadly. He pictured the million-dollar smile glowing, lighting up this technological world. Those beautiful corn blue eyes full of wonder and excitement, at bright lights at midnight and conversations in real time with people on the other side of the world, which in truth neither of them had ever even known existed back then. So like a child, open and inquisitive, pouring forth acceptance and love by his very existence. Eric sighed, a deep heavy sigh, one that came from so deep within him. Almost 400 years of pain, anger and vengeance, but still it had not made his grief one ounce lighter to carry in this God forsaken world.
God had forsaken Eric Kinross a long time ago. 382 years ago, to be exact; he had been a nobleman of great standing and wealth owning most of the farms for miles around, he had owned outright 3000 acres and leased another 2000 acres from the king. Other than being somewhat lonely, his life was a good one. He was a good man. He knew every single tenant farmer that lived on his land by name. They would come to him in times of need, when crops went bad or a child was sick or a husband died, they depended on him helping, and he never failed them, these were his people. His good nature and natural care had caused quite a lot of dissent from the nearby Lords since they showed considerably less care and responsibility toward their tenants, some Lords even being cruel and brutal. This caused a number of them to flock to Eric’s county for safety. Most came from the nearest county ruled by Lord Ethan Drake a cruel abomination of a human being. Eric surmised it would have caused less trouble had they all been “nothing people” but the fact was it had been tradesmen, skilled, hard workers, and working farmers whose wives and/or daughters were truly beautiful and still virgin at the time of their escape to Eric’s lands.
He had heard tales of men hiding their wives and daughters and even their sons in caves and rough dug out holes that passed as basements telling everyone they had died in an attempt to save them from Drakes brutality.
Eric had been summoned before the king of England on two previous occasions to answer charges from Lord Drake that he was trying to ruin his county by stealing all the tradesmen.
Thankfully the King was a wise ruler who had apparently heard the same stories that Eric had, and on each occasion had extended an invite to Lord Drake’s wife and children, then when they did not accompany him the king would inquire why none had been seen in public since the day he had married. It never failed to cut Lord Drake’s rants considerably shorter at which Eric could relax a bit and enjoy the spectacle of Lord Drake sweating nervously and obviously furious, it made Eric laugh inside to watch that vein on Drake’s temple stand out so much Eric thought it would burst.
Eric had been considering these matters deeply, trying to find a way to make peace with Lord Drake without harming either Lord’s people or properties, while out riding one hot spring day, he headed for the edge of the orchards to let his horse cool down, walking slowly in the shade of the trees.
Eric gasped audibly at the sight before him. A beautiful golden haired boy of perhaps 18 lay on the grass with his arms folded behind his head; his shirt was open showing full view of the boy’s broad, muscular, tanned chest. Eric sat captivated silently admiring the sight of his tussled, blond curls, his broad chest that led down to a slim but muscular waist, tight groin area and very muscular thighs. Then his horse, bored with standing still, made a sound that stirred the boy. Upon seeing the nobleman, instead of jumping to his feet, covering his bare chest and lowering his head in respect, as was customary, the boy raised himself up on one elbow and smiled.
The smile touched Eric’s heart and soul. He wanted the boy immediately. He’d had many boys before, but this one he knew would be different.
Eric had many houseboys to warm him as he chose; he always paid their parents the customary sum of one silver coin for the use of them once they reached the age of 16 years until they were of betrothal age when they could consider marriage, which would bring a dowry from the betrothed girl. He cared for all the staff in his employ and he believed they cared for him somewhat; he took care to encourage the local economy so that his people did not have to struggle un-necessarily.
This boy before him, he wanted to keep and he had no idea why. “You have a name boy?” Eric inquired. “Yes,” the boy laughed.  To Eric the boy’s laughter was like a song of the angels, sweeping through him like sunshine. It touched all that he was, to the very heart and soul of him.
Eric smiled broadly, “Well, what is it?” He asked, trying to stay in command of his senses. He was trying even harder to appear annoyed, as he should be with a peasant boy speaking to him in such a manner.
“I will tell you if you kiss me,” the boy laughed.
Without thinking, Eric dismounted and hopped over the fence and began playfully pinning the boy down by sitting on his groin, mentally noting that it was rock hard.
He grabbed both of the Blonds’ wrists tightly and stretched his arms high above his head. It effectively made Eric lower his own body slowly and deliberately onto the boys, sliding effortlessly because of the thin sheen of sweat from the heat of the day. He slid down, until their noses were almost touching.
“Tell me and I will kiss you,” Eric beamed at the boy. He never once took his gaze from the boy’s own as he slowly ground his cock against the boy’s.
He moved his body and pinned his legs on top of the boy’s legs, holding them wide apart. With this advantage, it stopped the Blond from being able to make any real attempt at struggling, though he knew the boy had no intention, or want of actually getting away.
The poor boy groaned deeply as the grinding continued slowly and deliberately. “Please, you need to stop. I am going to cum,” the boy pleaded.
Eric almost brushed the boys, ‘oh-so kissable lips’ with his own as he moved around to whisper in his ear. “So tell me your name,” he said, his voice filled with sexy determination. When he said this, he ground his groin just a little harder and just a little faster against the one beneath him. He felt and heard the boy’s breath quicken to almost a pant, and then he stopped.
Eric lay perfectly still. The boy squirmed with need, almost as though he was in pain, “please, don’t stop. Oh God don’t stop.”
Eric gently bit the boy’s earlobe, he whispered, “Then tell me your name.”
“JASON, Sire, it is Jason. Please don’t stop!”
Eric liked to win. He smiled, slid his hands slowly down to the boy’s shoulders and with one quick movement he turned the boy over and pulled his pants down.
One hand reached up to re-clasp the boy’s hands. He held them high above Jason’s head. The other was slipping two fingers into the boy’s mouth, gently sinking them in and pulling them out until they were wet.
Jason drew his breath in sharply as the wet fingers slipped into his virgin ass. He was half in pleasure, half in pain, but still the feeling was completely glorious, “Sire, I have never…”
Eric already knew. He kissed the boy to silence him. It was a long, deep, passionate kiss they both felt reach into their very depths. “Ssshhhh.  I know,” Eric whispered. His fingers worked into Jason’s ass continuously, making it ready for him. All the while, he licked, kissed and tasted the skin on the boy’s neck, cheek and lips.
He pulled his fingers out of Jason. Then, he slowly and gently slipped his cock inside his boy. His boy accepted him as though he knew Eric existed to be inside him. The tightness of the boy’s body did not go un-noticed by Eric, as the feeling of real love in the boys kiss did not go un-noticed or unreciprocated. There was something between them, unnamed as of yet. But it was magical, mystical, destined.
They made love long, slow and hard in the warm afternoon sun, First time or not, Eric showed the boy no mercy. For the first time in his life, this was real need. Need from the soul, not just a physical need for release. He truly felt that all of him, heart, body, mind and soul, was fucking this beautiful boy completely. His long, slow, beautifully gentle strokes took Jason as Eric’s own, heart, body, mind and soul.
They came together, climaxing in perfect unity. They became one.
They lay there in the afternoon sun, flaunting all propriety and protocols about these things. They knew full well, it was very improper to be in such a state of undress in public. Let alone to share sex together in public, but they cared not.
“So Jason,” Eric grinned, remembering he had won. “Where do you live? And to whom should I pay your silver coin?”
Jason scrunched in tighter to the older man’s arms. He imagined their hearts were beating in time with each other, “I live in a small cottage about a mile behind this orchard.” Then Jason twisted himself around to face Eric, without ever leaving the embrace. He purred with a dazzling smile, “Sire.” Then Jason gently reached up to place his soft lips on Eric’s lips. He gently, almost playfully waited until Eric kissed him back, pulling him in tight for a long deep, passionate kiss. The afternoon played on in this manner, in the warm sunshine of Jason’s smile and Eric’s laughter, for the first time in their lives both men felt complete.
As the sun began to cool, they realized it was time to go home. But ever thoughtful of his duties, Eric asked  “Now about your silver coin to whom should I pay it?”  Jason glowed with contentment and said impishly, “Since my parents are gone, perhaps you should pay it to me Sire?”
“No parent’s boy? You are alone?” Eric asked, raising his eyebrow at the young man.
“I am alone, my parents are gone Sire” Jason let loose another smile, “or at least, I was, until today.” Eric felt his heart lift in his chest, “Then let's go home Sunshine.” Without another word said they wandered slowly back to Eric’s rather grand home. He showed Jason around, ordered his personal assistant boy to be moved and assigned Jason the adjoining bedroom to his own, he sent servants in search of fine clothes that would fit Jason.
At dinner again, they broke protocols. Without even considering it, Jason sat at Eric’s side instead of the other end of the table. They laughed while they fed each other pieces of food from their plates. The servants hurried back and forth from the kitchen, passing on all the gory details of their Master’s impropriety with this unknown boy. They knew this was not the first time their master had been mesmerized by a new boy, it was however the first time he had behaved with such open impropriety so they enjoyed the gossip and understood it would pass, it always had.
Weeks passed by and neither noticed the servant’s discourse that this nonsense had not wore thin enough yet for Eric to come to his senses and once again take proper care of business. They were happy and blissful and had very early on given up all pretense of having separate bedrooms.
Eric had not once used any of the local boys, which was of course bad for the economy. One silver coin extra went a very long way in a fairly poor family.
Meg, who was Eric’s oldest and most trusted servant had sheepishly tried to approach Eric. She tried to warn him of the ill feeling this boy of his was causing other people.
People even feared that the boy was using witchcraft to capture Eric’s affections and keep him from his duties to his people. Eric laughed at the superstitious nonsense and told Meg to distribute ten silver coins to each of his servants, thinking that might quell their fears of abandonment.
Regularly they would take breakfast on the balcony of Eric’s room to watch the sunrise together, those moments they guarded fiercely, all food, etc. Were brought and laid out before the lovers got out of bed and Eric would lock the door to his chambers after ordering no disturbance of any kind.
Sometimes Eric had fancied he saw a strange look in Jason’s eyes a faraway look that he could not reach, once he even asked what Jason was thinking, where his mind was wandering, but he would just smile and say he was considering whether it was chance or a gift of God that had brought them together to be so utterly completely happy, those were the only times Eric could remember doubting the words Jason spoke. Except for the one morning Jason sighed sadly, voicing that he wished his parents could see how safe and happy he was. Eric realized that Jason had really never said much about his parents, but the wistful sadness in his Sunshine’s voice quite shocked him, sounding almost as though there may be some possibility that his parents really could see, but of course that must be the wistfulness of grief showing so Eric let it pass unsaid.
The months rolled by and both Eric and Jason were asleep in their bed one glorious spring morning. Eric stirred from sleep, rock-hard and horny as always, feeling his Sunshine lying in his arms. They were molded into each other’s bodies, spooning together. He leaned his head down, kissing Jason’s neck until the boy began to wake. Meanwhile, Eric’s hands wandered down exploring every inch of him until he reached the boy’s groin.
Eric exploded into huge gusts of surprised laughter, finding his Sunshine already rock hard and not yet awake.
At the sound of Eric’s laughter, Jason instantly jumped fully awake, looking confused which Eric mentally noted only added to his charm.
Eric pounced on Jason, continuing where they had left off the night before. He never tired of fucking his Blond, nor could he ever imagine not having him right here at his side.
Eric worked Jason into a happy horny mess, until the poor frustrated boy almost cried, begging him for release, but Eric just carried on until Jason teased, “Maybe you should take a day off once in a while,” his eyes glinted mischievously as an impish smile spread across Jason’s face then he added, “at your age,” he laughed and squirmed in delight.
Eric smirked, thinking of his revenge. “I’ll show you old boy.” He grabbed Jason by the wrists, pulling his arms down towards him. Eric was directly behind Jason so his body folded up until Jason’s ass was firmly in the air while Eric kept his arms firmly pinned by his sides. Then Eric slowly began to rim Jason’s hole. As he picked up the pace of his tongue’s movements, Jason moaned louder and louder. The sounds made Eric’s cock feel like it would explode from need. Once Eric knew his Blond was just about to cum, he stopped and through his laughter scoffed, “Huh, too old am I?”
Jason was way too close to coming to laugh; he ached, begged and pleaded for Eric to fuck him. Eric’s heart swelled with overwhelming love and with the boy’s obviously returned love for him.
He positioned himself and then, Eric thrust deep into the Blond. He leaned over to hold Jason’s shoulders and he felt Jason’s whole body come up to meet his with every thrust. “I love you,” Eric said as he released his seed deep inside of Jason and felt the contractions of Jason’s ass around him, he knew Jason was doing the same, all over the bed.
Eric turned quickly to see what he had seen from the corner of his eye when he had collapsed on top of Jason. “What are you doing in here?” Eric demanded. The boy who used to be his personal assistant stood just inside the doorway of the room with eyes bulging and jaw dropped in shock, fear and more than a little jealousy at what he had just witnessed, after all, before this blond appeared he himself had been Eric’s favorite companion.
Eric snapped loudly about knocking before entering his chambers, the anger in his voice brought the boy back to the moment. “Sire I, Sire I was told to fetch you. Lord Drake is here with news of your uncle.”
“Get out,” Eric snapped, sliding onto his back and cursing the boy’s lack of respect for his privacy and rotten timing. “Time to get up Sunshine,” Eric said as he gave a healthy smack to Jason’s freshly fucked ass.
Jason just lay there, smiling that captivating, wonderful smile of his and beamed at Eric, “You love me.” He purred in total contentment.
The words shook Eric. It was the first time in almost a year that he even really considered the impropriety of their relationship, though he still could barely muster a care. But sadly, he finally saw why Meg had shown such concern. “They will get over it,” he thought to himself as he leaned over to kiss his Sunshine’s face. “Yes, I love you. Now get up, while I go deal with Lord Snake,” he grinned sarcastically adding, “I mean Lord Drake,” and headed to the public room.
Eric entered the room and walked silently over to the man facing the large open fireplace, He had little time and even less courtesy for this man, who always seemed to be a part of any troubles his family had.
“Lord Drake, you have news of my uncle” Eric said as he sat down purposely foregoing the proper protocols for visiting Lords. It was Eric’s belief that his father was dead because of Drake, and his uncle had not been seen in years and Eric was certain Ethan was at the bottom of it all.
As young men his father James and is Uncle Thomas had been close, they did everything together, then his uncle Thomas had met Ethan, as far as Eric understood it his father was no fan of Ethan but James liked him.
A few years later Thomas and Ethan had met the Lady Lydia at the castle, supposedly both young men tried to court her but Lydia had eyes only for James. They married two years later and by all accounts where blissfully happy for 5 years, Lydia bore him twins, a son and a daughter. Ethan and James were not really friends through that time since Ethan would drink too much and rant about how James had stolen Lydia from him, then just before the twins first birthday Lydia was found murdered in her bed, her throat slit and Eric’s fathers dagger lying bloody on the floor, while he was found slumped dead on the floor near the balcony with Thomas’s dagger still embedded in his heart, and he has never been seen since.
People assumed James and Lydia were having an affair and Thomas caught them and killed them or Thomas interrupted a brutal attack on Lydia by James and killed him. Neither scenario sat well with Eric, he simply could not believe it, which was fueled by the smug satisfaction displayed by Ethan during those days, like a man who won, while faking upset and disbelief. Regardless of what his gut told him, the sad truth was his father and aunt were dead and disgraced his uncle was missing and disgraced and he could not shake the feeling that it was all Ethan’s doing.
Jason and he were dead and disgraced and that was started and fueled by Ethan, it must have burned him greatly to hear reports of Eric being happy with Jason, being carefree and in love as he was sure the boy had reported back to him that last day.
In hindsight, Eric sat at his computer wishing he had seen what that moment would cost them. Or, did he? Did he really?
To see the situation as it really was would have required that he and Jason would have had to be less than completely and utterly entwined in each other. And that Eric would not have given up for the world. “No”, he thought to himself, “It is better to have loved and lost and all that bullshit…,” he sighed to himself and went back to tracking his investments with a heavy heart and another, larger glass of JD.
Dream of the Vampire: Chapter 1
This is a real chapter from a book my mother has written

okay, so i have recently noticed that only my old, cringy stuff had any comments...i appreciate feedback, you know! no harsh feelings or anything, i just like to see what people think of me and what i do so i know what else i can work on


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